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Services we offer

Below are the list of services we offer at Kitchen Logistics Nigeria

1. Kitchen Logistics Express

We know you are busy. We know you might not even have time to browse our website even in the comfort of your home or office. Then "Kitchen Logistics Express" is for you.
Simply give us a call or email us today and let our team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals help you come up with your personal weekly, monthly, or yearly grocery list as the case may be.
Once that is done, all you have to do is click on the price option as agreed by you with our staff and your personalized basket will be delivered at your doorstep.

        -#50,000 and above

Give us a call today or an email and we would gladly do the rest for you.
Sales Hotline(s): +234 9070213500, +234 8118617700   
Whatsapp: +234 9069444432, +234 9093225100
Email: klexpress@kitchenlogisticsnigeria.com

Price Lock up.There is no fluctuation in price once you have a standing order as a Kitchen Logistics Express client.

2. Hotels and Restaurants
At Kitchen Logistics, we care for the kitchen needs of your hotels and restaurants. Let us help you to manage and track your kitchen expenses, pay less and profit more.
To control the food budget of your hotels and restaurants, please contact us via:
Sales Hotline(s): +234 9070213500, +234 8118617700   
Whatsapp: +234 9069444432, +234 9093225100
Email: supplies@kitchenlogisticsnigeria.com

3. Diaspora
Kitchen Logistics reaches out also to our customers in the diaspora. At Kitchen Logistics, distance is no barrier for you to reach out to your immediate family, aged parents,  friends, in-laws etc., with their daily needs of foodstuffs and drugs*.
Purchase from us a food hamper and we will help you deliver to their doorstep anywhere within the southwestern part of Nigeria.
To purchase your custom food hamper, please contact us via:
Sales Hotline(s): +234 9070213500, +234 8118617700   
Whatsapp: +234 9069444432, +234 9093225100
Email: supplies@kitchenlogisticsnigeria.com
*We provide this service on request by our customers at no extra charge.

4. Campus Foodie Bag
The Kitchen Logistics 'Campus Foodie Bag' is a trademark product of Kitchen logistics Nigeria designed to ease the stress of parents, aunts, uncles and guardians in providing food items for their children and wards in various tertiary institutions across Southwest, Nigeria.
With the Kitchen Logistics Campus Foodie Bag, you can place an order on behalf of your children, wards and your orders would be delivered to them in their various campuses.
All you have to do is click any of the Kitchen Logistics recommended options below:


A Campus Foodie bag can be purchased in different ways on the kitchen logistics website:
(a) Navigate the website to place your order on behalf of the recipient.
(b) Purchase a gift certificate, and place an order on behalf of the recipient.
(c) Purchase a gift certificate on behalf of the recipient, and the recipient places the order using the gift certificate code.
(d) Have a standing order on your account that serves as a subscription to our Kitchen Logistics Campus Foodie Bag on behalf of the recipient.  

Campus Foodie Bag clients are eligible to win fantastic prizes such as free tuition in Federal Universities, a percentage of tuition in private universities, textbooks, other study materials, internship opportunities during the holidays at any of our offices.

A purchased Campus Foodie Bag is redeemable only by the recipient on the Kitchen Logistics website, is not convertible to cash and cannot be sold out to a third party recipient.

5. Health Foods
Kitchen Logistics designed this package to help meet your needs and focus your attention as to foods that are healthy and safe for several health conditions. Even if you do not have any particular health condition such as diabetics, hypertension, cancer; you know someone who does.
We at Kitchen Logistics are aware of what these people go through daily, thinking of the right food to eat or avoid. We are therefore concerned to help in managing such health conditions.
At Kitchen Logistics we desire that you live on the right diet for your health... "Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food"
Live right!!! Eat right!!!
Click here to see the Kitchen Logistics recommended foodstuffs for a healthy lifestyle.


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